Disability Insurance Claims

Despite what you may have read or heard in insurance company ads, insurance companies do not make money by paying claims. Profits are maximized by taking in premium dollars and paying out as little as is possible.

We represent individuals who wish to get the benefit of the promises they paid for in hard earned premium dollars. The primary promise an insurance company makes is that it will pay a monthly disability benefit should the insured become “disabled” as that term is defined under the insurance policy. When the insurance company dishonors that promise or simply delays and delays, the effects can be catastrophic. We understand that.

We help people to get the benefits they paid for. If your case is subject to Florida law, it is even possible to obtain an award of your attorney fees against the insurance company. (Unfortunately, the same is not true for NY cases).

If your insurance company has said no or is delaying payment on your private disability policy, contact us by phone or email for an initial consultation, without charge or obligation.

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